Saturday, June 2, 2012

He said/ She said

As we get ready to go away Heather and I were discussing dream vacations.

My personal dream vacation would be to a South Pacific island. There is something compelling about being on a tiny land mass surrounded by the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. It is that very idea of putting my own insignificance into perspective that would make it such a relaxing experience for me. For just a little while, not being a dad, professor or whatever other role I gave deemed myself to have and just be. That freedom from my roles and responsibilities for just a little while is enticing. I can be - just not that important.

The thing I always loved about tourism is the element of escape. To leave a known world for just a while to explore unknown places not just in a geographic manner but also in a personal and spiritual sense. It gives rise to the opportunity for self discovery and development that is so difficult in day to day to day existence.

Overall, I love my life; to say that I am not truly one of the lucky ones would be disingenuous. If I am allowed to dream however, a real escape for just a short time, has a romantic appeal to it. Laying in a hammock by the ocean with the breeze swaying me gently; as I watch the world go by with a drink in one hand and a good book I am pretending to read in the other. No cares, no stress; just a passport to freedom. One can dream.

To read Heather's version click here.

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