Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Fragments

One again, thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting this most fragged up world.  What a week it has been - wall to wall craziness.

  • Heather got her new van yesterday.  It was all very exciting - sort of.  
    • On a related note - I still believe I am too young and vibrant to join the mini-van brigade.

  • Many schools have a homecoming weekend.  It is my understanding that homecoming weekends are usually linked to a football game.  Well the College of Charleston does not have football but we have an awesome Alumni event called A Charleston Affair which is tonight and is of course sold out.
    • On a related note:  here are some pictures of the set up.  It is a fabulous evening for all involved.  It is also a pleasure to see so many of my former students.  

  • Let me just say that grading is the worst/best part of my job.  It is such a pleasure when students demonstrate that they have grown and developed over the semester with you.  It is painful when they obviously did things half way.  Seriously, failing a take home exam?
    • On a related note: only 20 more to go and my desk can go back to normal...
Is this normal?  Oy vey.
  • Congratulations to Robyn on not only turning 14 last week but also performing very well on her standardized math tests (scoring a 293 out of 300).  Robyn is naturally gifted in math and I look forward to seeing what she can do with her skills in the future.  
    • On a related note: Robyn has her sports awards banquet for playing soccer.  She was hoping for a repeat of last year when she won the award for highest GPA on the team.  Too bad they didn't give out that award this year. 
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  1. Well... you got to keep the Kia... so I'll deal with my mom mobile....

  2. My dream car has become a minivan, sure didn't see THAT coming! LOL

    Siena Heights, my alma mater, just had out first football season this year. Getting a football program was huge alumni news for over a year. Likewise was out first homecoming game. (but I didn't go)

    It's a shame about the Highest GPA on the team award not being given out this year; that's perhaps the most important achievement in high school sports!

  3. I have a dear friend who teaches English at UNC. He always talks about all those papers and I tell him maybe he wouldn't have that problem if he wouldn't make all those assignments. LOL He loves teaching too! Mini vans are not for me. I have an old Mercedes (1987) that I love! I particularly love that my husband makes fuel for our cars so no gas for us!!!

  4. That is an incredibly GOOD score out of the total #!!! WTG Ms. Robyn. And yes, I would think it would be extremely frustrating for those that show no interest in learning when you work so hard and such long hours trying to invoke in them some skills and knowledge to share with them. As for the mini-van, I would never have one myself...I'm more the kind that would be the 'little ol' lady from Pasadena' type.

  5. Just because you are in Charleston and all - - -

    Hubs and I attended SWU, which at the time was still called Central Wesleyan College. Hubs played on the soccer team - - - the ORIGINAL soccer team SWU had. Most of the guys had never played before, and it was pretty sad.

    When they went to Charleston to play the Citadel, they lost 10 - 0. BUT, the citadel made something like 89 attempts at our goal and our goalie single handedly stopped 79 of them.

    He won the conference goalie of the year for that performance!

  6. I recall watching a funny youtube clip of guys in minivans and rapping about being a dad.
    Sport cars are just expensive fantasies.

  7. I heard about the mini van and congrats on your daughters high score!

  8. Just tried to comment on the mini-van on Heather's blog, but it wouldn't let me hit enter :-( That's happened to me over there more than once!

    My first car was a minivan. I just had to upgrade to a bigger car and I refused a minivan. I have a crossover SUV instead... my wallet is not happy with me right now at the gas pump!