Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

1. Which three words would describe you best?

Open,  Diligent & Strategic

2. Describe your favorite place in the whole world.

My favorite place - that is a tough question as I can usually find beauty and happiness just about anywhere.  I the best way to answer this question is to answer that is I think my favorite place happens to be where ever my family is at the moment.

3. Sunsets, Sunrises or Full Moons?

Nothing like starting your day seeing the sun rise over the horizon.  The possibilities of a new beginning.

4. If you were to get reincarnated what or who would you want to come back as?
I can not vote to be omnipotent?  To be honest, I do not think I would want to come back.  I am all about moving forward.  Though I would love to be this character...

Now for my question for you - What do you feel is a more important quality: Honesty or Empathy?


  1. I believe honesty is one of the MOST important qualities a person can have.

  2. It's wonderful to be able to find beauty and happiness wherever you are! Many can't find it, no matter what.

    I believe honest is the best quality (and policy!). Have a great Monday!

  3. How blessed you are to be able to find beauty and happiness anywhere! Many people can't find it at all.

    I think honesty is the best quality--and the best policy!

  4. I believe Honesty is the most important of all!!! Thanks for stopping by today love your answers and it is great to see beauty and find happiness wherever you are!!!

  5. Selective honesty is empathy. Brutal honesty isn't so common because it's considered heartless! I think honesty is important, but I think most people choose empathy first, protecting the people that they care about from the whole truth.

  6. Ooo, tough question. However, I think Nani said it best selective honesty is empathy. I couldn't have put it any better than she did. I know I always try to be honest, but if you're a compassionate person then honesty and empathy go hand in hand. Honesty is good, but you don't have to clobber a person. That's just cruel! Your photos of the sun rise are so beautiful. They do signify a fresh beginning every day, don't they? And, oh so true on your favorite spot is where your family is. I feel this way, too! =D

    Just Another Manic Monday

  7. Thank you for visiting and leaving a ask a tough question....I believe both attributes are desirable as a Christian...if I had to choose one it would have to be honesty.
    Mama Bear

  8. That is truly a tough one. I think you need to have both because if you are too honest you can be hurtful but if you are too empathetic you can be useless because no one will believe you.