Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet Me on Monday

Acting Balanced

Usually, Heather asks me what questions I think would be good for MMoM.  This week, not a peep...

Let's see what she came up with...I bet they are girlie questions.

1. Did you prank, get pranked or ignore April Fool's Day?

Heather tried with her 'closing down the blog' post but she had just bought her new lap top the day before.  I am sometimes slow on the uptake but come on'.

2. What is the most unusual thing you have in your pantry or refrigerator right now?
Speaking of how blogging affects life.  One of Heather's job is to clean the fridge.  As usual, when it comes to cleaning, if I do not do it, it doesn't get done.  So with me being so busy with end of term stuff lately, there are a couple of science experiments growing in the fridge that I am refusing to clean up.  Then again, she does like to make things, so perhaps she is trying to make homemade penicillin.

3. If you were in the "Miss America" (or another) talent competition, what would your talent be?
See this is the type of question we get when I do not get consulted.  I am told I have a very talented tongue thus I am very good at oratory.

4. What is one thing you miss about being a kid?
The no responsbility thing.  I would love to be able to have that freedom again - just for a little while.
5. If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?
The world's most perfect name Akbar. 


  1. Totally agree with you on the "no responsibility" part of being a kid, and you don't realize it till it's too late!!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I always knew falling up the stairs would get me places... at least not down at the bottom!!!! :)

  3. I have to admit Akbar is a great name! Have a wonderful Monday!


  4. I am loving your answer to #2, my hubby feels the same way! lol :0) Thanks for visiting my site!

  5. I have a couple of those "science experiments" in my fridge, too. LOL