Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fragments

Once again, thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting Friday Fragments.

Mommy's Idea
  • While I appreciate the dexterity of the lady this morning who decided to remove her polish and repaint her nails on the bus, the smell as brutal. A nasty headache was not the way I particularly wanted to start my day.
    • On a related note, can we all agree that any conversation about yeast that doesn't include the baking of bread is not appropriate for the bus.
  • Yesterday was a special day.  Each term we have a lunch party for our graduating students.  It is bittersweet as many of them I have come to really like and will miss seeing on a regular basis.  On the other hand it is so nice to see how mature and ready they are to start their new lives.
    • On a related note, one of the traditions at the party is each professor is to stand up and give a piece of advice to the students about the future.  You can read my advice here.  May they all have happy lives.
  • Here is a picture I took this morning...sorry it was not on a better camera (iPad) but is was just gorgeous).
    • On a related note, this is how I want to start my day.
  • Just a reminder that Autism Awareness month is continuing - please take a few moments to learn about Autism and its effects.
    • On a related note - I have been chronicling my life as a parent with a child who has Autism on a annual basis.  If you would like to read about my personal journey over the past four years click here.


    1. What a beautiful picture, less-than-great camera or not. That's the kind of thing I'd happily get out of bed for (or even better if I could have that view from my bedroom, life would be great). I have always wanted a water view (and a true water view, not a view of the holding water pond, which many places claim as a 'water view' in FS adverts.)

      Anyway, I've got a mt view starting next month. I guess it'll do.

      Have a Happy Friday!

    2. Sorry you had to endure that smell and that conversation. What a lack of consideration. And tact!

      Beautiful view, though!

    3. I am familiar with the smell because I frequent a nail salon every two weeks. My husband says the smell is going to kill me. At least I will have nice nails.

    4. It drives me bonkers when people paint their nails in public. It is far too smelly.

    5. Nail painting in public is beyond belief....especially toes. As far as the "bread baking" conversation....I guess people sometimes think their fellow bus passengers are all deaf.

    6. Yeast in beer is ok but yes when it involves parts of the body I would skip the discussion.

    7. I also vote no to nail painting and yeast discussions in public places. The word clueless comes to mind.

      Your water view and reflections is very pretty however you captured the image. My only water view is of the bird bath in the back yard.

    8. I had a coworker who snacked on very strong smelly cheese at her desk. If filled the entire office. I think people need to step back and think about what it's like to NOT be them; smelly cheese, nail polish,cigarette smoke, a misting fan in a summer crowd, to everyone enjoys those things and if a person does, it's fine but do it away from other people who don't share you pleasure. Maybe this is just my inner mean girl, but didn't you just want the bus to hit a big bump while she was painting her nails??

    9. On a related note, I taught kids with special needs. Thank God for parents like you who are concerned, caring and capable.

    10. Sometimes it is so crazy what people think is okay! Nail polish remover on the bus??? And the yeast conversation - wow, embarrassed for her!

    11. Who knew that one might turn green while going green; sorry your bus ride was not very pleasant. My own husband suffers greatly when women apply perfume on airplanes.

      I look forward to checking out some of your autism reflections.

      Thanks for linking up this week. Have a wonderful weekend, Wayne!

    12. No, No, NO!!! Nail polish removal and repainting is NOT MEANT TO BE a public event.


    13. I have a friend that has a Autistic grandson....from her, I've learned so much. Oh my gosh....can you believe it? Doing a pedicure/manicure -----on a BUS!?!!! I can smell the vapors as I type. NOT good. The luncheon sounds like a wonderful idea.