Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sundays in my City - Afternoon Out with Erik

Let me first start by thanking the Unknown Mami for hosting Sundays in the City.

Before we get started, a note:  Heather and I decided to try to create a new Saturday Meme called He Said/She Said.  We tried a first edition of it this week.  Check it out by clicking here.  We think it is going to be a lot of fun.

This week, I was on a supposed Spring Break that I worked mostly through - but I did get one chance to have an afternoon out with Erik.   One of the amazing things is how intuitive children are with technology. Erik at 16 months is a master of the iPad.  See the photo evidence below:

We also hit the park that afternoon...

Followed by a dinner of McCats Nuggets.

Now that I have shown you mine, click the button below to see others. Also, remember to give He Said/She Said a try next week.

Unknown Mami


  1. Hi Wayne :) Very nice to meet you - it's my first time here. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun...and yes, isn't amazing how kids just fiure iPads and phones and Wiis and everything else in between these days?


  2. Laurie - my husband has a very strange sense of humor...

  3. We got our first computer when our daughter was 3 (she's almost 23 now). She always caught on to how it worked faster than I could.

  4. How lovely! I agree that children are tech-savvier than adults. One of my neighbors feels that children are born with keyboard ready fingers these days :-) Lovely pictures, Wayne. Thanks so much for sharing. Hmmm....first time I've heard of McKats! :-D

  5. I wonder how kids life, like yours, will be when they are adults, old...

  6. Looks like a great afternoon. Kids are so intuitive with the technology -- I think my son is more capable on my phone than I!

    Happy Sunday!

  7. I think this was my FAVORITE post I've ever seen you do!

    The technology thing and little ones is amazing, I've noticed it with my grans.

    That last picture of Erik in the sideways hat is beyond precious.

  8. That funny and tender photos. Excellent. Greetings and happy week.

  9. My daughter's are amazing with my iPhone.

  10. He is adorable! I love the last picture with the hat :)

  11. My 15 month old son shows us new things our phone can do every time he picks one up!

  12. Adorable and smart little guy. Looks as if you had a great time.