Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friday Fragments - v18

Once again, thanks to Mrs. 4444's and her blog for hosting Friday Fragments.

Call this my suggestive version of Friday Fragments...
  • Heather and I came up with a new idea for a potential blog hop.  We are thinking of calling it "He said/She said".  The idea behind it is that we ask three questions and the blogger has to not only write their responses but that of their significant other as well.  We are thinking it would be a good Thursday or Saturday blog hop.  What do you think of this idea?  
    • On a related note, did you know that the number two reason for divorce (behind finances) is that couples do not spend enough time with each other?
  • This week was spring break and I spent time in the office: Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  
    • On a related note, the majority of my department has been in everyday this week not counting the faculty member that is leading a group of students on a trip to Africa.  It is nice to work with such a dedicated group of professionals.  But I get the feeling the line between dedication and obsession is not as clearly defined as one would think.
  • I planted roses, strawberries and tomatoes this week.  Being Canadian, I am used to planting on the May 24 weekend.  Planting at the beginning of March just seems wrong.
    • On a related note, we need to harvest before we leave for Canada at the beginning of June.  Scary eh?  Got any other suggestions for high sun/heat plants that would be fun for my garden?  I like colors and fruit.  Also, they have to live in planters as well.
  • How do you like my new button on the side?  I am not sure about it, was thinking of changing it and going with a design that looks like a passport stamp?  Any suggestions?
    • On a related note, thanks to my lovely and talented wife for creating said button.  
  • So far on my personal sabbatical to do list: 
    • Study for and pass my French test and get my Global Scholars designation;
    • Lose 25 pounds (gets me under 200 lbs);
    • Get my blood pressure back of under 130/100 - yes, I know I am a heart attack ready to happen;
    • Train my sons to sleep in their own beds and use the potty;
    • Have at least two hours of kid free time alone with my wife twice per week;
    • Read 25 novels that have nothing to do with my research; 
      • On a related note, any other suggestions for what I should add to my sabbatical list?
  • Sunday is my birthday.  What should I do on said day?
    • On a related note, what a spectacular year it has been.  Three great kids, one fabulous wife along with  a healthy and happy extended family.  Soon to add tenure and promotion (March 15 - if all goes well) as well as a sabbatical for doing a job I love.  Life has indeed been very, very good to me.
    I have a suggestion for you all.  Now that you have read my fraggy thoughts, how about clicking on the button  below and visiting some others?

    Mommy's Idea


    1. I like the idea of a passport related button, it would match your blog really well.

      What novels are you planning to read? I'm a book-a-holic and I'm always looking for suggestions myself! I'm currently reading Uncle Tom's Cabin - slightly schoolish related, and Decoded by Jay-Z. You'll have to go to my blog to understand how that one came about!

      Other things for a sabbatical list....hmm, maybe a new hobby? Something you've always wanted to do but never had the time for?

      Happy Friday!

    2. He said/She said is interesting but it would not work for us since my wife doesn't care for blogging. I'm sure many couples would play the game but you need that blog connection. It reminds me of the old newlywed game show. The great thing about blogging though is, it's easy to give it a try.
      Your button - looks like a green environment thing so I don't see the tourism connection but since your wife created it - I'd go with it.

    3. i think "He Said/She Said" is a great idea. I would participate in that -- hopefully I can get my hubby on board. The Kevin Bacon film has been playing on Netflix.


    4. I like the He Said/She Said idea. Always lends to get some interesting conversation. My husband is always full of opinions. :)

      Happy Birthday!

    5. Oh the he said/she said is the idea to ASK our spouse the questions and record their answers even if they themselves do not blog?

    6. Busy mind today on your fragments. I love the new button you finally chose to use, by the way---that is the very one I would have said to use from the others you have above in another post. I'm not sure Bud would tackle the he said/she said since he doesn't blog. LOL Also, I too have a difficult time knowing that I can plant tomatoes and such so early in the 'growing season'.

      By the way, happy birthday on Sunday...and good luck in the weight loss.

    7. Happy Birthday! Make sure you spend time with the kids, but your birthday is a good day fro one of those 2-hours with your wife too!

      I like the button, but a passportish one would be nice too. There are some very nice digital scrapbook travel kits that have some fantastic elements in them!