Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fragments - v17

Once again, thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting this great fraggin' party!

Mommy's Idea

  • How come when everything is starting to work well is when administration decides it is time to change things?  
    • On a related note - my sabbatical is approved and perhaps some time to step away will recharge my batteries after a long 10 year run I have been on.  Perhaps my cynicism is partially due to a little case of the 'burn outs.'
  • I love my students. Yesterday, I got to have great conversations with about 25 of them at various points during the day.  They are intelligent, well-mannered and humble people.  People who talk about millennials' as self-entitled brats know not what they are talking about.  
    • On a related note -  if you treat people with respect and dignity, it tends to come back to you.
  • Last night was the opening of the Charleston Food + Wine Festival.  Everyone always tells me, you get to go to all these cool events, your job must be awesome.  I however, feel like a fish out of water at such things.  I am by far not sophisticated enough to fit in with such a esteemed crowd.  I did like however; that I was able to bring one of my students with me to the event and introduce her to influential people.
    • On a related note - Why yes, it is awesome to have my job!
  • Got a paper accepted to the Journal of Travel Research this week (probably the top journal in our field).  Congrats to my co-authors Steve and Bob!  This paper (which we will feature on a future blog post) is absolutely a brilliant piece of work thanks to them.   
    • On a related note - a student just submitted an absolutely brilliant paper for a contest and somehow that is so much more exciting to me.  Sorry guys.
  • Only 15 days until I get my formal notification as to whether I receive my tenure or not.    I passed my department with a 5-0 vote in favor, got the highest ranking in each category from my dean and received a 5-0 vote in favor from the College wide committee.  
    • On a related note - I feel confident but not secure.  One never knows.  Plus tenure is not what it once was.
  • One final note - While I love my work, it can sometimes be hard of my family (especially at certain times of the year).  Thanks to my beautiful bride Heather (check out and the kids for putting up with my insane schedule over the past couple of weeks (mid-term time) and into next.  
    • One a final related note - is it sad that I found out about my daughter social status via facebook?  Oy vey!


  1. Yes it is sad that you find out about our daughter via FB... I thought you guys had talked that's why I didn't bring it up... Silly me

  2. I lose track of my family's goings on often as I live a few countries south of them. On a related note, I usually know about impending social status updates beforehand. Women are like that. We sniff those relationships out before most men.

  3. Good thing you have FB or you would be totally in the dark. Hope that all goes well with your obtaining tenure. Have a good day.

  4. Thanks for coming over to visit. I realize I didn't link up right for this. Next time!

  5. A cupcake ATM sounds good, right? Sounds like you should plan a trip to LA during your sebatical. Good luck on your tenure pursuit!

  6. I am loving that you and Heaher are communicatiing through blog commnts!

  7. Crossing my fingers for you on the tenure. I have a very good feeling about it.

    I have a random question. I'm on Wordpress, I know you are on Blogger, but how do you get subheaders within your bullet points? I can't figure out how to do it on my editor and it is driving me crazy. I can only get the main bullet points, but can't figure out how to get it to indent further.

  8. I agree about the respect and dignity thing. I recently had some people complain to me about how they were treated and they do the same thing. I attribute people seeing the best in me to me seeing the best in people and not being hyper critical.

    Sounds like an exciting time in your life. I look forward to reading more.

  9. I can see by this post, you love your students...why, to have your student's application to a contest with his/her paper and you are more excited about that than your own work being published...that tells a lot about you.