Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Soliloquy

I have great kids.  Each one brings something quite special into my life.
Liam brings a joy and a desire for life that is unmatched.

He so enjoys the simple things in life and sees the world using a different perspective than most...

 Though he marches to his own beat,
he loves unconditionally and brings a genuineness that is unparalleled.

So on this Saturday, I appreciate my oldest boy - Liam.


  1. He is lucky to have a father that thinks he is special. So many children in our times don't even know who their father is and have missed that special bond.

  2. I'm glad he has a dad that appreciates him.

  3. We agree whole heartily and wish we had nore time to spend with him. Love Grammy and Grampy

  4. I agree, your kids are lucky.
    Happy Sunday with your family!

  5. It is a joy to see the happiness of our children, nice photos. Greetings.