Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Fragments - v14

Welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments.  Once again thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting such a wonderful hop.  On to the frags:

  1. I wrote earlier this week about the problems occurring in Syria.  Apparently we have no problem intervening in Libya but can not protect children who are being tortured in Syria.  Oh wait, Syria has little oil?  Okay, I get it now;
  2. Got to take a great group from Clemson this week on a walking tour of downtown Charleston.  Thanks to my good friend Dr. Bill Norman for setting that up;
  3. Welcome to my in-laws who are visiting this week.  I hope they enjoy the visit and their grandchildren.  I know that they will get in their exercise while they are here;
  4. This week has been insanely busy and every time I turn around what I had planned has melted into capriciousness; and
  5. I got my hair cut (well shaved off is a better descriptor) this week.  
Here are the before pictures:

Here are some after shots:

Heather dislikes it immensely.  Though not so much she didn't agree to go on a kid-less overnight excursion next week.  So now you get to chime in, hair? or no hair?

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  1. Ohhhhhh, don't get me started on our foreign policies. But I do so appreciate your thoughts on #1...yep, it's all about money and OIL!!

    As for your hair [I'm sure that no matter how I say I like it shaved....] you should go with what YOU like. It's all about being YOU.

  2. hair - luckily I don't have that problem so I have never given it much thought. I think the hair on is better BUT (not that you did this) never do the comb over. What do the in-laws think about it?

  3. I like the NO hair look. Makes you look younger,

  4. It's your head. Do as you will. But please, as bill, said, no comb overs.

  5. I agree with Tami, but I'd have to defer to Heather :) Yes, you have to be happy, too, of course. Maybe you can find a happy medium :)

  6. My husband shaves his head, so I am partial to shaved heads. Give Heather a minute to get used to it.

  7. You look so much like a dear friend and Bible scholar Rick Renner! I'm glad Heather hasn't estranged you! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Yes; give her a chance to get used to it. At least she noticed...right?? OMGoodness our US policies are about to give me a real nervous breakdown. I wish SOMEONE in charge knew what they were doing:)
    Have fun with the in-laws!