Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Soliloquy - Babymoon

Not that we do not have enough subareas in tourism (e.g eco-tourism, dark tourism etc.) a new term was raised to me today that I had never heard of previously, babymoon.

A babymoon started off as a couple travelling shortly after the birth of a little one as sort of a bonding experience.  The term has since evolved to mean a trip taken shortly before the little one is born as a last hurrah for the parents.  A last chance for the couple to bond before the little one arrives.  The term has also been used to describe a trip in which a couple has decided to try to start a family while on said trip.  Does this count as a well conceived conception?

This seems like an interesting phenomenon.  Has anyone out there taken a babymoon or would like to?  What would be the motivation for such a trip?  Do you think this trip is more for the man or for the woman?  This is such an interesting type of travel and I would love to learn more about it.  For my industry colleagues out there, has this ever been a market for you?  Fascinating indeed.

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