Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fragment - v9

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Classes have once again began. It looks like I am going to have about 105 students this term over three classes plus three independent study students and a honors student. Busy but not crazy.

P.S. The classes seem to be very good...lots of participation and good questions already!

I had an old British prof when I was an undergrad whose first words to the class was. 'look left, look right - one of the three of you is not passing this class.' Somehow, I don't think I could pull that off and be believable.

One does not know about lack of sleep until they have children.

Had lunch with a alumni this week that was a lot of fun. I really like seeing my former students post graduation. It is very interesting to see how they grow and develop. I however, am not in any way, amazed that they are in successful, happy lives upon graduation.

P.S. Good people can find success with hard work and effort. One can take short cuts to success but it tends to be fleeting and not sustainable. People know who are the real deal.

Word of the week - paregmenon. I was guilty of this three times this week in my lectures. Hope the students don't know what it means.

I love Google Scholar but this week I found thanks to one of my colleagues Google Scholar Citations.  In 2011, my articles were cited 31 times.  The graph is going the right way...

P.S. Heather still says she has more people visit her blog - in a day than will probably ever read all of my academic articles combined.  Sadly, she is probably right.  How can I possibly compete though with Yummy Apple-Chai Cookie recipes.

Wishing you all safe travels...

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  1. My son is a professor and he too loves those of his students that are there to LEARN instead of just getting a 'passing grade' and do nearly nothing.

    My Friday Fragments

  2. I understand the sleep thing well this week as my son has been getting up. I just made him tell me he won't wake me up tomorrow morning too early. It felt good to hear him say it even though it was probably a futile conversation.

  3. That's great that people are reading your articles!

  4. You're a great couple; I enjoy reading both blogs :) Congrats on the citations--That would be very exciting!

    I'm pretty sure I would never be proud of flunking 30% of my class.

    A teacher friend of mine meets with former students every year over Christmas break. She really loves it.

    Thanks for linking up! Have a restful weekend :)