Friday, December 23, 2011

Saturday Soliloquy - Xmas Edition

I will fully admit.  I am not a holiday person.  Typically, I have found Christmas to have been perverted into a season where many demonstrate traits I abhor in humanity - Commercialism, gluttony with an overtone of religion being perverted.

This Christmas however, I am focusing on the fun, family and fervor of the season and trying to celebrate it in a manner that I can feel good about.  I hope this will help to make the season come into great memories.  I will let you know how it works out.

While unwrapping your gifts this year, please remember the true message of the season.  Few are as lucky as we are in the USA to be able to live in relative peace.

May we all experience a new year of peace and love.

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  1. Today I was cleaning up getting ready for tomorrow (I celebrate on Christmas Eve) and started getting stressed out, then I remembered the song, "Feed the World" and thought about how lucky I am to get stressed out about having people come over to celebrate and being surrounded by love and having food.