Monday, December 5, 2011

Media Monday - What...Sports News?

I don't usually write about sports on here but it has been a fascinating time in that world lately.  What has been most interesting in the amount of controversy that has been involved.  Take these three instances:

  1. The amount of time and energy to discuss the play of one Tim Tebow has been astounding.  I swear I know what time he had his bowel movement yesterday morning.  It is not that I go out of my way to find this information but it is hard to miss it.  The most interesting part of this story however, is not the amount of coverage, it is the visceral venom or abject love that the stories are receiving.   This story seems to parallel the political discourse in this country where both sides make valid points but neither side is willing to listen to the other - so it is akin to the current state of bickering that is achieving nothing.  
  2. The BCS pronounced that the annual championship football game will LSU vs. Alabama.  Never-mind that the teams have already played (LSU won) and that Oklahoma State (the Big 12 Champion) played a tougher schedule with more wins against top 25 teams - apparently we need to see the rematch and like it.  Speaking of absolutely BCS travesties - not having any non-BCS teams playing in those high tier of bowls.  Seriously, they could not have found a slot for an 11-1 Boise, a 12-1 Houston or a TCU team that was 10 - 2?  This is a clear case of the ol' boys network doing its thing.  Perhaps this is another example of how America is operating at the moment.  The American dream used to achievable for all.  Now, it is available if you have the right connections.  sad.
  3. Tiger Woods won this weekend.  Perhaps, this could be a redemption story...stay tuned.  We are not sure if it will be back or not or whether we should be positive about this or not?  I must say however, if I changed Tiger Woods and put the word economy in its place, would the feelings be that different??
  4. The NBA is getting back after its lockout.  This was a story of rich vs. richer with the little people caught in the middle.  Now, the little people are expected to be just forget and come back like little lemmings.  
Now, I know why I don't write about sports very often.  While they are supposed to be a distraction from everyday existence in reality, they just mirror and present a microcosm example of the larger issues plaguing this great nation.  Eeeewwww!

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