Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sundays in My City - v2

Last Sunday we went to see the C of C Equestrian Team in action:

Please don't let my lack of photography skills take away from how beautiful it was!

One does not normally associate fall colors with Charleston...

but colors there were.  It was spectacular!

Congratulations to the ladies for winning the day! 

Though I wonder what it says about the school I teach at, that our best sports are Equestrian & Sailing!
Once again, thanks to the Unknown Mami for hosting this hop.  It is my favorite of the week.  Click on the button below to visit more cities!

Unknown Mami


  1. The beautiful fall colors make a lovely background for equestrian events.

  2. I love horses. Always have. My daddy kept horses for awhile. But we didn't have time to develop their skills. The closest thing to a horse in my house is a German Shepherd who is the size of a pony. Enjjoyed your post!

  3. Horses are majestic. Very nice, Wayne!

  4. Can't imagine a school offering equestrian and sailing. I guess they don't get cheerleaders?

  5. I think it speaks well of your school that its top sports are Equestrian and Sailing. I've never attended an event for either, but I'd like to.

  6. I love watching horses, they are beautiful but too big for me! :)