Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Fragments

Today is Remembrance Day...Lest we forget those who have fallen for the price of freedom.

On to the Fragments!
  1. May my children know a world were war is remembered but never experienced.
  2. Last night, I went to a benefit to raise money for Water for Kenya.  According to UN Statistics over 880 million people world wide do not have safe access to clean drinking water.  This statistic really does make me think how lucky I am to live in the United States.  Access to clean water should not be a privilege but a right.  In too many places in the world, that is not a true statement.  Congrats to Dr. Andrea Canberg and her College of Charleston students' on putting on such as great event!  Also thanks to David Desplaces and his SIFE team for running a great silent auction as well!
  3.  Between meeting with the PGA Championship folks this week and the affluence on display at last nights charity event, I have been given a stark reminder about how the gap between rich and poor (not that I am in either group) is ever widening.   How can some speak of spending $1700.00 on cushion seats while millions of people do not have access to clean drinking water?  Not sure what we do about it but this is a problem that needs to be addressed. I do wish I had an answer for this.

    Mommy's Idea


    1. Gotta agree about the disparity between rich and poor. I see it regularly where I work. Some of the families we serve have absolutely NOTHING and then in the same day we hold a fundraiser attended by people whose shoes alone could pay for several months worth of living expenses for that same family. Hard to understand it.

    2. we made sure we took time out yesterday to remember on Remembrance Day. It always chokes me up.

    3. You're right; it's depressing. I've seen the same vast difference in values sometimes, and it gives me a helpless feeling.

      A Marine visited our school on Friday and had quite a presence, walking through the hallway in uniform. It was a pleasure to thank him for his service and shake his hand.

      Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend!

    4. #1 got me all choked up. I want that for my children too.