Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Tubing Tuesday - Decade Defining Songs - 90s edition

I was talking to my students the other day.  There seems to be a series of songs that define a decade.  So working with my class, we developed the following rules for this contest:

  1. The song must have some sort of deeper message associated with it;
  2. The song type must be easily identified with the decade; and
  3. The song has to be sung by a singer/group highly associated with that decade.
So, I thought we would start with the 90s.  The three choices came from my classes suggestions combined with my personal opinions (since it is my blog).  So tell me what you think.

The number three song came off of one of the biggest selling albums of all time (over 33 million worldwide) - Jagged Little Pill.  This song was chosen because it embodied that angst of the early 90s:

The number two song is by a band that has changed their style multiple times but this song embodied their early 90s sound in a way that is often used to define the decade.

This was a consensus song for number one.  No list of the 90s could be without it.  RIP - Kurt Cobain

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