Thursday, October 27, 2011

Technology & Tourism Thursday - Google Purchases Zagat

According to's, Meghan Kelly, Google (also see the NY Times Article here) has recently bought the restaurant review company Zagat for $151 million.  This could have some very interesting ramifications for the hospitality industry. Currently, in order to get to the Zagat ratings as a consumer, one has to go behind a subscriber pay wall.  One can only expect an Android App to be released where one could check the Zagat report as well as consumer reviews of every restaurant.  How would this change the rating game?  Today, I am envisioning an App like Urbanspoon but expanded to where not only the reviews are present but also with the ability to see the menu, book online reservations or order take out as well as the current GPS features available. This is the type of App that could completely change the restaurant business markets itself.  I will be interested to see what Google does with Zagat over the coming months.

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