Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Soliloquy

Yesterday, we went to an open house of high schools for Robyn (for Heather's take on the event click here).  As we went through the rows of schools, we knew we had three choices in mind before we started with an open-mind to see what else was out there that we may not know about.

The first school we came up to was one which we thought it was going to be a good fit from the moment we moved to Charleston.  We went up to their booth and was basically ignored.  We gathered the material from the table and then dared to ask a couple of questions.  The answers could not have been shorter or more curt.

We then went to the table of the second school.  This is a well known school and is generally regarded as the best academic high school in the state.  The impression we got from them was that our daughter, who scores regularly in the top five percentile on her statewide standardized tests, would be privileged to go there.  The representative was just dripping with snobbishness.

I was then starting to feel like we were in the Three Bears story.  The first was too cold, the second was too hot.

Our third stop was better.  The representative was nice and asked Robyn questions.  She presented the program well but it didn't seem like a good fit for her.  It was luke warm...We then thought ut oh!

We then hit the front and a school we considered a possibility but never really thought in depth about.  The representative took time with us.  He patiently answered questions, presented the program in a way that would be student focused and went out of his way to make Robyn feel wanted.  In other words, it feel just right.

We are still going to go to the open houses of all four schools but the lesson as always, is that if you are going to have someone represent your school, please make sure it is someone who has some concept of recruiting.

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