Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday Fragments

What an interesting week this has been. A few notes:

1. I do have a really cool department head. This week he demonstrated a political deftness that was near inspiring. Work is so much easier when your immediate supervisor is competent.

2. On the other side of competent, over the past two weeks I have missed my bus connection three times because our local transit system CARTA has all the reliability of a AMC Gremlin.

3. It is now fall break at the College of Knowledge - I will be enjoying my break by grading 96 midterm/ final (for my express course) exams. I will say however, that my express course, meetings and conventions,  was probably grade wise the best I have ever had while at the College. The average GPA for my class is usually a B- or C+ - I am expecting that class to be close to an A- average. What a special group! Congratulations to the class for achieving such a high level of academic performance.

4. What a week for awards. Charleston was named the best tourist city in America and my good friend Steve Litvin was named the School of Business Researcher of the Year. Congrats to all for superior work!

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  1. I hate it when I miss the bus--hasn't happened in a long time, although I came close to missing it on Wednesday. Missing it three times in one week must be a record!

    Stopping by from FF.

  2. I just love Charleston! Nice blog too...
    I am visiting and following via Friday Fragments...