Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fragments

First and foremost, happy birthday Heather!

This has been a most interesting week.

  1. My tenure interview was yesterday - now I am just waiting for my departmental review letter and then my package gets sent to the Dean's office for examination.  What an interesting experience the whole tenure process is.
  2. I feel like a bad dad these last couple of weeks.  My schedule has been brutal and leaving at 6:30 AM and not getting home until after 8:00 PM has meant that I have barely seen my children.  Good thing grandparents have been a visitin' and they barely noticed my absence because of the fun that comes with grammy & grampy.
  3. Thanks to grammy & grandpy for all their assistance the last two weeks.  Life would have been really interesting otherwise.
  4. I am really tired and beat up at the moment.  It has been a long time since I have felt this worn down.  I am looking forward to some quiet time over the next few weeks.  Looking forward to sleep past 5:30 AM tomorrow.  Perhaps I will get a sleep in until 7:00 AM.  One can dream and wish can they not?

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