Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friday Fragments

I am ripping off this idea from the wife's blog but as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

A few fragments:
  1. How come it is always the weeks that you hope will be quieter that all of a sudden start to go 100 miles an hour?
  2. Congrats to Erik for reaching a nice milestone this week.  
  3. It has been nice having my in-laws in town this week.  I am dismayed that I have had little time to spend with them but I am glad they are enjoying grandchildren time.
  4. I keep thinking this week, 'boy do I have the best students ever!'  I can not believe how many students have come by this week with pre-done work for me to comment on.  Talk about some very diligent and savvy students.
  5. One of my favorite days of the year happened this week.  The 2011 Gavalas-Kolanko Foundation Scholarships were given out this week.  "The Gavalas-Kolanko Foundation (GKF) is a public charity established to help students with disabilities reach their secondary educational goals. By awarding scholarship assistance to College of Charleston students each year, the GKF helps make "Education Within Reach" for South Carolina undergraduates pursuing a college education despite physical limitations.  Since 1999, the GKF has awarded 52 scholarships to students at College of Charleston and Charleston Southern University. "   If anyone is interested in supporting this charity, they have their annual James Island Connector Run on November 5th.  I am told it is one of the best runs in town (I happily volunteer and do surveys afterwards - it saves the parametric some CPR practice).
Well happy Friday to all...
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  1. I am very grateful for those who contribute to scholarships. In fact, I just returned home from a scholarship reception at UWGB--It was really nice to be able to thank the family that honored my son with a scholarship in their daughter's name.

    I am thrilled when a student shows initiative like that. I'm lucky if it happens a couple times per week with my sixth graders :)

    Here's hoping you get to enjoy a little time with your company this weekend.

    Welcome to Friday Fragments, Wayne! Thanks for linking up. I publish FF on Thursday nights at 9pm central. I added a little note to hopefully bring a little traffic your way :)