Monday, September 26, 2011

The Challenge

A colleague of mine has challenged me to blog daily until the end of the year.  He does not believe I am disciplined enough to do it.  Though he is kind enough not to point it out - I would like to add that I believe I am not creative enough to do it either. I do however, believe that this is a challenge worth undertaking (perhaps this was the wrong choice of words).  So, to have a chance, I have to come up with a plan.  So here is mine:

Sunday - Family Friendly Day - Updates and family friendly content
Monday - Media Day - I will discuss what I think will be the story of the week.
Tuesday - YouTube Classics - I will pick out of top three list of music clips for y'alls enjoyment!
Wednesday - Worldless Wednesday
Thursday - Technology & Tourism Thursday - Discussion of Technology that will affect the Tourism industry or just my personal life.
Friday - Focus on Research and other fun topics...
Saturday -  Slippery Slope - a day with more flexibility for whatever the heck I want...

So, now this is out on record for all to see if I pass or fail.  We shall see...

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