Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Airport Pet Peeves

I am flying back to Charleston today.  As a tourism professor, I do love travel but I can not fathom how anyone loves air transportation in its current form.  Being a solutions oriented guy, here are my suggestions for improving air travel:

  1. Security should have a 'knowing what you are doing' line versus a neophyte.  They TSA agents are announcing loudly that nothing can be in your pockets among other rules.  Believe or not, they are not lying.  Please listen to the nice agents.
  2. For the love of all things good, I encourage all airports to have non-cell phone seating.  I am sick of sitting here and having people have inane conversations on their cell phones.  If you have to make a call, please go away from others to make it (or at a minimum please keep it short).  
  3. I do like that they have plugs available for lap tops but $7.95 for wireless access?  By the way, for fellow patrons, please remember it is rude to read over peoples shoulders.
  4. If however, you really need to make money, it would be really nice if you could put your baggage into a 'check.'  I have to sit here for four hours, it would be nice not to have to lug my bags around if I want to go for a walk.  There could be a good business opportunity here. You could also rent pillows, iPads, and other distractions for those waiting as well.
I may have more later today but so far so good.


P.S. While we are on the topic of improvements:

Bathroom stalls - you know people have luggage they have to carry around.  Why not make them slightly larger than the standard stalls as a result?

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  1. Happy to let you know that the Budapest airport has a quiet seating area and luggage lockers! I was there this summer and benefited from both.