Friday, October 29, 2010

Of upcoming welcomes to the world...

Yesterday, everyone was asking me if I was nervous and/or excited about the pending arrival of baby ‘E’ and my answer was neither.  I think the better answer is/was pensive.  What type of world is little ‘E’ coming into?  

  1. Is it a tolerant place or one of bigotry?
  2. Is he entering a world of freedom or persecution?
  3. Is this a community of empathy or one of self interest and greed?
  4. Is this planet represented by love or is it managed by hate?
 Then I considered his place in this new environment.

  1. Will the machine grind him or will he be an operator?
  2. Will he become a leader of man or be a follower of fools?
  3. Will he give comfort or will he provide hardship?
  4. What path will he choose?
 So young ‘E’ on this day of your potential arrival, I offer you many questions and sadly few answers.  He is entering a world of tremendous uncertainty.  The paths to which the future may follow are too numerous to calculate.  It scares me to no end.  I want a world that my child will be given a chance to live a lifetime in peace, harmony and empathy.  Can I guarantee it? Alas, no.  We live in the most interesting of times.

With those fears expressed, no matter what the world throws at you.  As you parent I will guarantee you that,

  1. You will know love. 
  2. You will see comfort.
  3. You will experience empathy
  4. You will live in an environment that encourages
  5. You will be supported
  6. You will have opportunities. 
 You will live in a household that plans for the future, lives in the moment and learns from its past.  You will be cared for by people who genuinely care for your well being.  You will be nurtured by people who will provide you guidance with the best intentions at heart.  You will be loved by those who want for you a life of happiness.  With these tools you will choose your path.  What path will you choose my son?


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