Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grading Hades...

I love my job.  Really I do - except for two things: 1) committee work; and 2) grading.  Today, I am in grading Hades.  There is never so frustrating a time for a teacher of any type I would imagine.  You think you were crystal clear in class and then wow...where did they get that idea from?   Most students are doing well so I know I taught it and obviously the lessons were well taken by the majority of the class - but I guess it comes down to the inevitable.  Those who work hard and are dedicated to the growth and development do well and those who shirk the work get their just due.  I know I should not, but I do feel bad.   I wish I could inspire all of them to work really hard and grow and develop but reality says I am probably being naive.

Well back to the doldrums for me.


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