Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Forum

Fridays are normally very strange days for me.  

I do not teach on Fridays and the students (with the exception of the ones that make appointments) are scare.  You would think that would make it a quiet day that would allow me to catch up on paper work, grade and maybe even do some research.  They are anything but for three reasons:   

1. This time of year, high-schoolers are coming with their parents to check out schools.  Every Friday morning I seem to have one or two of these appointments.  I do enjoy meeting them and discussing their future with them but it time muncher.  Then if it is not a high-schooler, it is a student that needs advising;

2. If I am not working with a high-schooler, I am meeting with industry partners to discuss a wide range of topics from funding, to internships and co-ops to conducting research for them;  and to top that

3.  For some reason, there seems to be a new trend to Friday afternoon committee meetings (I guess this is a scheduling thing).  That kills most of my afternoons.

While I know all of these 'duties' are important...


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