Sunday, September 26, 2010

NCAA Football - Boise State

As many of you know I am not a big football fan but something has caught my attention, Boise State.  I love the arguments that their current position creates.  Here is my take on it...

If you look at the AQ conferences.  Most observers would agree that Boise probably wins the ACC & Big East Conferences.  They would have one or two tough games (Oklahoma & maybe Nebraska)  in the Big 12 and would be a co-favorite to win that conference this year (especially with Texas in a down year).  That means that BSU would have an excellent chance of winning three of the six AQ conferences.

That leaves the Big 10, Pac-10 and SEC.  They just defeated a mid-tier Pac-10 team which indicates that they would probably be in the top half of that conference this year.  We do not know if they would beat Oregon (though they did it last year) or USC (who can not win the conference due to bowl ineligibility) and that would leave them a chance there.  Most observers agree that the PAC 10 is stronger than the Big 10 this year as a whole, so if one could assume BSU would have a chance in the PAC 10, then you would assume that they would have a chance in the BIG 10 (where really only Ohio and Wisconsin are good).  That leaves the SEC where we would have no idea where they would finish.  In all, if you look BSU from an objective perspective, the case is not as weak as it first seems.


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