Thursday, September 23, 2010

Exploring Factors Influencing Student Study Abroad Destination Choice

Hi all, here is the abstract from my latest article. To read the whole thing, click here.

Exploring Factors Influencing Student Study Abroad Destination Choice
Judith Eder; Wayne W. Smith; Robert E. Pitts
The College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

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Eder, Judith , Smith, Wayne W. and Pitts, Robert E.(2010) 'Exploring Factors Influencing Student Study Abroad Destination Choice', Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, 10: 3, 232 — 250


This study applies qualitative analysis as a systematic tool for
insight into factors influencing international students’ university
choice. We also develop a structural model for further analysis and
understanding of that choice. Qualitative analysis of data collected
via online chat identifies motivational and constraining factors
that influence foreign students’ decision to study in the United
States. The study applies and explicates a contemporary qualitative
approach to the analysis of interview transcripts for the determination
of choice factors and their importance. Inductive analysis
is used to postulate a model for international student destination
choice based on the travel decision push and pull model. Three
push factors (personal growth, language, and career) and three
pull factors (college issues, physical geography, and U.S. culture)
were determined to influence choice of country and institution.
In addition, structural factors including visa issues and cost issues
were identified as constraints. Personal growth was the most important
push factor, and college issues the most important of the pull
factors. Visa issues were the most important constraining structural

KEYWORDS international student destination choice, qualitative
analysis, push-pull model, inductive analysis, travel decisions

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