Monday, September 13, 2010

3:00 AM

It is amazing how ideas can pop into your brain. For me, it is in my thoughts and seemingly in my dreams. Take for instance last night (or early this morning) when I was happily asleep only to dream about a problem I am trying to solve at work.

See the way I deal with problems is that I think about all facets of the issue. They float around in my brain with each aspect being considered against possible solutions. Think of it like one of those pictures that seem to be one thing when you look at them and when you look from a slightly different angle, they are something totally different (see sidebar). It is only when you look at a problem from all angles that the true picture appears.

For some reason, these images tend to clear up for me when I sleep. Perhaps, it is when my mind is freest. It is allowed to explore concepts and ideas that when awake are pushed to the side by the daily milieu. This often leads to an interesting quandary. I know I need the ZZZZzzzz’s (two kids and a pregnant wife will do that to you) so occasionally I try to roll over and get another hour sleep. Like the tide however, the more I fight it, the more it builds in my mind until I give in and am on my lap top pecking away. If I do manage to fight it off, the idea usually leaves my mind and I keep feeling like it was a lost opportunity. So, a 3:00 AM wake up call it is.


Post Script: How come whenever I do manage to get back to bed afterwords, they are always the days my son decides to get up early?

Post Post Script: How many faces and/or pandas do you see in the two pictures below?

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